Care Bear 9″ Plush Reviews [AD]

“The Care Bears are here, let’s give them a cheer, from the whole of the heart, they’re ready to start, caring for you!”

Who remembers the Care Bears?

“The Care Bears are here, let’s give them a cheer, from the whole of the heart, they’re ready to start, caring for you!”

The Care Bears show has changed considerably since it first aired, with the shows now full of adventure & action, but the message of friendship, sharing caring and love has remained.

Now, to accompany the TV Series on Tiny Pop TV, there is a range of plush toys to collect. The Care Bears come in three different varieties – 6 different Medium sized Plushes, a larger Bedtime Bear and 6 smaller 9″ plushes to collect.

We were sent 3 of the 9″ teddies by Basic Fun to review and one was to include in our Valentine’s Day gift guide!

The Smaller Care Bear Plushies 

Lots of new designs of Care Bears are being created and I am assuming that the overall plan is to have them all as part of the 9″ collection. I cannot find them all online but the ones I managed to find are:

The stores I found the ones above at were Smyths Toy Store and The Entertainer. Amazon appear to have a good selection of the plushes especially the 14″ selection.**

Overall the Care Bears are really lovely and very similar to the originals my brothers had and loved when they were younger. They are super soft and definitely have the cuddle factor, with the cute chubby, hamster like cheeks and the bright beautiful colours. Ezra keeps looking at them all and saying teddy which is usually a sign of affection from him! I love them and have to say that I think they would make a great present for any little child or adult in your life.

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