Gummymals – Your Squishy Best Friend [ad]

Ethan and Ezra have loved the Jiggly Pets range since we reviewed the Tan Tan The Orangutan back when Ezzie was tiny. Gummymals are the new squishy, collectable and interactive from the Jiggly Pets toy range I think is going to be VERY popular.

Gummymals have 20+ sounds and reactions, and all 3 of the kids have found them really fun to play with! Ezra found the farts and burps especially funny. 

There are 4 different Gummymals and each come with a bottle of drink that you can use to feed them. I found they are similar in a way to Furbies and other products with the same concepts. We found the Gummymals, soft when you apply pressure, a little sticky and very, very squishy!

When you are “feeding” your new friend you can hear them gulping and see the light go down too. It is a nice touch to have the light element too. When they are done eating they can then burp or fart which causes a lot of amusement in our house. 

There are a lot of cute features, such as if you tickle it’s tummy it will laugh and when it’s bedtime if you lay your Gummymal down and it will yawn and make cute sleeping sounds. 

At 12cms tall the Jiggly Pets Gummymals are the perfect size for travel. I do have to admit I have turned the kids off during any form of travel as they are rather loud for small spaces. 

There are 4 colours to collect – pink, red, yellow and blue. 

  • Batteries required: 1 x AA (included)
  • Dimensions: 8.5L x 8W x 12H cm
  • Gummymal’s will become your best friend as you play and care for them
  • The perfect present for kids who love interactive toys and squishy toys
  • Perfect for ages 4-10 years and it is unisex. 

Jiggly Pets Gummymals are available at Smyths Toystores now and other major toy retailers. 

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