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Neighbour Hoodies Card Game [AD]

We have been gifted a card game called Neighbour Hoodies and I have to admit I haven’t heard about it before so I was interested to get playing and learn the rules. It is from Play Monster and suitable for ages 5+ and it requires you to play with 2 or more people.

When you open the box you get a deck of 55 cards which includes:

  • 7 Sloth Cards
  • 7 Koala Cards
  • 7 Elephant Cards
  • 7 Penguin Cards
  • 7 Zebra Cards
  • 7 Tiger Cards
  • 7 Panda Cards
  • 3 Moving Cards
  • 3 Unpacking Cards
  • and the Rules
Neighbour Hoodies

What is the Objective of the game?

To win you must create a full street of 7 different animals in different outfits to win. The same animal or costume can be in a street together but they cannot live next door to each other. Animals wearing the same hoodie cannot go next to either other in either direction. The houses need to go in order from 1-7 too with no doubles.

How to Play Neighbour Hoodies?

Shuffle all the cards like you would in any other card game and then deal each player 5 cards. Place one card in the middle face up (discard pile) and the rest are placed face down (draw pile).

  • To start your turn you take ONE card from either pile, either place a starting card on your street or discard the card. As this is your first turn you can place any number down.
  • Once you have done either of those options your turn is finished and you move onto the next player (the person on your left).
  • When the draw piles runs out turn over the discard pile and continue play.
  • The first person to get to 7 houses of different animals wins.
Neighbour Hoodies

What are the action cards?

Moving Cards: When playing this card you can take an end card of another player and add it to your own row as long as the outfit / animal is different to the one in the house before it.

Unpacking Cards: This card allows you to go through the discard pile and pick any card – you can add it to your hand or add it to your street during the current turn.

these cards can only be played once and then they are to be put in the discard pile.

Where can you buy Neighbour Hoodies?

You can get Neighbour Hoodies from Play Monster directly, Amazon** and possibly other toy stores but I have struggled to find it online.

DISCLAIMER: If marked with a ** then it is an affiliate link – if you purchase from this link I may receive a few pennies from the retailer. It doesn’t increase the price you are paying.

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