3 Card Games Perfect For Ages 3+ [ad]

When visiting the Toy Fair this year (2023) I bumped into a friend who asked us to check out these 3 card games so here they are.

When visiting the Toy Fair this year (2023) I bumped into a friend who works with Hachette Board games and runs his own site Red Knight Toy Group and he gifted us these 3 card games to try out and if we liked them (we did) then to pop a little post up about them so here we are.

Micons [ad]


Micon’s is a game that has been designed for children that makes them observe, think, and argue, all in a casual, relaxing game that all the family can play. The box contains 50 double sided cards and of course easy to read instructions.

During each person’s turn, the players look to see if they have the object which has the right characteristic for the space in the row. An example of this could be, it is the same shape, or colour, or it is the opposite to the previous sweet, salted, hot, spicy etc. The first player to get rid of all of their cards wins.
The game invites players to observe and use their senses as well as their ability to argue. When I say argue I mean debate with such replies as: What do you mean, “the cat doesn’t smell good?”.

This game is great for building children’s observations, conversations and their memory.

Difference Junior [ad]

Difference Junior from HACHETTE BOARDGAMES UK

Place one card in the middle of the table and then deal the rest to players evenly. Each player looks at the top card of their deck and tries to the two differences between their card and the one in the middle. When the player correctly spots the differences, they place their card in the middle of the game. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins! With 2 double-sided decks showing 4 different pictures, you will be hunting for hours! Difference Junior includes easier challenges with art specifically designed to appeal to younger children.

There is a 30 second rule explanation so it makes it nice and quick to learn but still fun for the whole family. There are thousands of combinations so it should make for different games every time.

  • | Ages 4+
    • | 2 to 6 Players
      • | 20 Minutes

Specific [ad]

This game is similar to 5 Second Rule but with a little more context and without the time restraint. It is a game of quick thinking and simple rules but aimed at a younger market and it works really well for this reason.

Can you name a carnivore with 4 feet which lives on the land? Throw the special dice and be first to find the animal with the features shown: environment, food, and number of feet. Thanks to the different difficulty levels, the game is suitable for all ages. Specific is not only an educational game – it’s also fun and lively!


What Did We Think?

Our kids really enjoyed these games and considering they are such a range of ages (2-18) I was worried that someone would get bored quicker than others. Quite the opposite really and they all enjoyed the different games and it got very competitive, quite quickly. These games definitely suit a whole family vibe and they’re not aimed at just the younger age group. Ezra is slightly too young for them now but I am looking forward to using them with him when he is in preschool.

All of the above card games are available from Red Knight Toy Group and use the discount code MimiD10

all the games by Hachette

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