Tigeropolis – R D Dikstra (AD)

Ethan was lucky enough to be gifted Tigeropolis – Caught In The Trap by R D Dikstra. It’s aimed at children aged 8-12 however Ethan had no issues with the story and followed it very well. It’s the third book in the series but it can be read as a stand alone story too.

Tigeropolis is a vast tiger reserve in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is home to a family of vegetarian tigers – tiger cubs Bittu, older sister Matti, their mother Tala and Uncle Raj.

If you would like to read the full blurb then look no further than here.

I have to say that I love the fact that the book doesn’t have too many words per page and it still includes pictures. I have found that when authors aim books at older kids there are less and less pictures. We all love a book with pictures as it helps the imagination as they read.


This book was inspired by the authors first sighting of a tiger in the park in David Attenborough’s series called “Dynasties“. The experience that the author has had first hand flows through this book and the message of conservation isn’t too strong but it’s enough to notice as an adult.

R.D.Dilstra offers workshops across London for schools to help them understand better about conversation and animals like Tigers. Not only that though he has created a game to go along with the books which is available to download now.

Ethan is now keen to read the other two books in the series to find out what else happens to the tigers. He’s also sat down and done his own little research into Tigers as it sparked his interest so much.


I love books that encourage Ethan to read more and especially ones like these that not only teach him about new things but spark a new interest. It takes a lot to spark an interest in him and this book did that straight away.

I know this was gifted to us but it’s worked it’s way onto my must buy presents list. It’s not only got a good story line but it’s full of twists and turns. The storyline is so current and up to date and that works well with today’s children. Everything is technology based in Ethan’s life and the tigers living in a technology world sparked joy and humour into his life.

The set is available through Amazon and you can buy the books direct through their website.

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