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Enchanted Forest Game [AD]

Enchanted Forest is a game that’s perfect for younger players who want to get involved in board games but they want to play a little more seriously. It is designed to be a game filled with adventure and made for players aged 4 and over and it’s perfect for 2 to 6 players.

We have been gifted this game to play it with our kids and their friends over the Christmas period.

Who Is The Enchanted Forest Game Aimed At?

The game has a young age rating and the theme alone means that it is predominantly aimed at children. However, it is a game that the family can play while the memory aspect and the deduction aspect of the game delivers an educational experience for younger players.

This is not considered to be a complex game due to the way that it requires a roll of the dice to move around the game. Players of age 4-7 might require some assistance in playing until they know what they are doing and have played it at least once.

Enchanted Forest Game

How To Play

Setting up the game is easy and quick which is ideal as often the kids get bored during the setup and then don’t want to play. The board is laid out and the trees are shuffled before being placed in the forest next to the blue spots. Players then have to select a playing piece and put that on one of the spaces in the village. The cards are then shuffled with the top card being placed face up in the castle. Players then roll the dice in order to determine who starts the game or we start with the youngest player as it tends to go easier this way.

The aim of the game is to find objects that the king requests based on the item that is located on the card that has been turned face up on top of the castle.

Players need to roll the dice and move the required spaces on each of the dice. If players land on a space that that is used by another player, the player has to move back to the starting village – this is a big thing as most games allow you to share spots but not this one.

As players move around the board they will land on blue spaces and here they will be able to look underneath the tree located next to that space before placing it back. The item that is found under the tree has to be kept a secret from other players.

Once a player knows where the item is located, they then need to head to the castle. Once they land on the key space, they then have to identify the tree that the item is located under. If they have it right, they get to keep the card for that item.

We found that younger players often struggled to keep the items quiet / remember them so we ended up nominating one adult for them to tell but they had to keep it a secret together.

Our Thoughts

  • Great theme and perfect for lots of young children as they tend to love fairytales.
  • It’s a classic and it has held its own over the years and it is still worth playing, despite it being an old game.
  • It is good for memory skills in both children and adults
  • It is one of those games that is easy to learn and easy to teach, which doesn’t happen often
  • It is a good intro for kids into more complex games and good intro to memory games
  • Some children might find it too long as it can take a while to play depending on the flow of the game
  • It may not captivate some players enough but it does depends on the age of the child

The game is brilliant for children given that they have to use their memory while playing or they can’t progress. It is really simple to learn and teach to other players so that makes it easier for children to embrace as they can see that adults enjoy it so they do too. Depending on your child’s attention span they might struggle to keep fully engaged but I reckon most kids aged 6-7+ would be ok but under that age might need some help.

Where Can You Buy Enchanted Forest?

This game is available in many shops but I have found it for a great price on Smyths Toys Store and there is a Disney Version too with Raya available on Amazon**.

Enchanted Forest Game

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