Ethan got given a candy floss maker by my parents for his birthday and we gave it a try tonight to see how easy it is as not gonna lie it looks easy but i’m guessing it’s not.

Ethan’s machine was purchased from the specials bit in Food Warehouse for under £15 but I can’t find it online that cheap anywhere but I did find it in Robert Dyas but for double the price. If you are looking for one then it might be worth checking Food Warehouse / Iceland just incase they have more stock.

The instructions appear clear and easy and on first impressions it is user friendly and not too dangerous for children as you can’t access the hot section during use. It does get VERY hot though so I wouldn’t let Ethan use it unattended as its hot sugar and hot elements.

We got some blue raspberry flavoured sugar off eBay but you can just use normal granulated sugar if you don’t want strong flavours and just the traditional sugar taste. I want to try coca cola flavour when we know how to use it properly.

So we managed to create candy floss and it tasted amazing but it wasn’t easy as I did suspect. The method for doing it is simple and it works but either I am rubbish at getting it on the stick or the way of doing it isn’t as easy as the paperwork makes it out to be. We LOVED doing it though and despite getting sugar everywhere we had good fun with it.

If I had spent £31 on the machine I might be slightly disappointed but for under £15 it is brilliant and surprisingly easy to clean as the sugar dries and just falls off.

Of course we made a Youtube Video about us doing it which can be found here and we can’t wait to try it with other flavoured sugars which we are going to source via eBay. I think we are gonna try coca cola, apple and maybe peanut butter which should be interesting to see if it tastes anything like it is meant too.

It is good fun and Ethan loved seeing the candy floss appear and to him it was like magic which was nice to watch.

If your child likes cotton candy / candy floss then I would recommend it if you can find the machine cheap enough as it is good fun and would be a nice touch for a movie night or a sleepover party as older kids would be able to do it themselves.

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