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Smart Toys & Games is award-winning company, that creates educational and inspiring games for kids for all ages. I met with Smart Toys & Games previously at last years Toy Fair and their aim is to provide games that children and adults will play and learn. SmartGames really hope to target the following areas with their games:

  • Cognitive Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Build Confidence
Smart toys and games

What is IQ XOXO?

IQ XOXO is a compact game, but just because it is appears small and easy don’t let them fool you these games do require a lot of brain power and concentration but at the same time they are relaxing. The game comes with game board with a clear lid. Players are challenged to fill the grid with 10 colourful, double-sided pentomino pieces, leaving X’s and O’s in sequence.They can only fit in certain sides as the board has bumps which fits into the O’s but not the X’s.

This particular one features 120 challenges from easy to expert, and it starts from 6+ and would be perfect if travelling as it is compact and handbag / changing bag / overnight bag size. 

There are four levels of gameplay starter, junior, expert, master, and wizard. This particular set is a 2D gameplay and the kids and us adults have loved doing it as it is equally frustrating and satisfying when you work it out. The instructions are easy to follow which is key for me, and you find yourself questioning where the pieces go and when you finally work it out you get the ‘is that it’ moment as it seems so simple afterwards.

The gameplay simple your goal is to place the pieces as the challenges tells you and then fit the remaining pieces into the original challenge.

If you like Tetris or similar games then this is for you.

Where Can We Buy IQ XOXO?

IQ XOXO is avaliable at Smart Toys & Games for £10.99 (Price correct at time of posting)

IQ Mini

IQ Mini is a compact game similar to XOXO but I have yet to complete this one, Nick and the kids have but I just struggle. The game comes with a small game board with a clear lid and 3 path blockers. Every sequence has a way of solving it. Players are challenged to fill the grid with with all the pieces and solve the puzzle. They can only fit in certain ways as the blockers will make it tricky but everyone is able to be solved.

Where Can We Buy IQ Mini?

IQ Mini is available from Smart Toys and Games for £4.99 and it comes in 4 colours.

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