I have always seen others going to the toy fair and this year I got a ticket as it’s the first year back post shutdown of events. I couldn’t go on the influencer day as I had Ezra but I am still so glad I went on the Thursday! Not gonna lie it was pretty cool being called an Influencer and having a badge with it on plus my Blog name.

I had a brilliant day and definitely hit 20,000 steps by the way my back and feet hurt by the time I got home. I got there for opening and I would recommend that as it was quiet and you had a chance to work out the space before it was super busy.I did it all in a day but I didn’t have any meetings so 2 days would be preferred if you were planning to meet with businesses etc. I hope to do 2 days next year with one of them being an influencer day. I felt by the time I left at 2pm, I wasn’t fully enjoying it as I ached so 2 days would make it slightly easier. I also need a lot more media packs as I took 30 and ran out in 2 hours which is amazing.

Location wise it was super easy to find from London Liverpool Street as I went to Shepherds Bush then 1 stop on the overground and it seemed easier than the suggested routes on the train websites. Olympia is a lovely big venue and apparently it is usually bigger but they were doing works on the building this time around.

I was lucky enough to meet some brilliant brands who all had time for me and were lovely to speak too. The bigger companies required appointments but I will know better for next year now. I would like to give a special mention to these businesses who were amazing to speak too and really listened when I tried to sell my blog and YouTube work to them.


IDisplayIt are a company that specialise in display cases for your most precious figures / models / artwork and I think they are great. They GIFTED me a minifigure 12 case and I have built it on my YouTube video and Iput my Harry Potter Minifigures in it but this isn’t the reason they are on my list. The lady on the stand was so lovely and we spent ages talking about our love for TY beanie babies when we were younger and how we used to have similar cases for those back in the day. I know a lot of Lego Lovers in my life and many would love cases like this to stop little fingers getting at them and breaking them and also helps with the dust element / cleaning of them. I think it is a good item, albeit I didn’t know I needed them but I definitely do now I know they exist.


I spoke to the gentleman at his stand as I loved the wooden lego decor and wondered where I could purchase it, I was directed to Amazon but I thought I would share them anyway as they have a HUGE range of lego storage, decor and other items. I didn’t realise just how big the lego home range is if I am honest. If you want to find out where to purchase the items then follow this link. I have found their store on Amazon which is available on this link. The gentleman on the stall gifted us a mini lego head which is super cute and I had no idea they came that small but Ethan loves it. This link would probably be the closest in size. Ethan is storing his unboxed Dobble cards in there so that should give you an idea of the sizeof it.


I got drawn to this stand because it was full to the brim of wooden toys and I love myself a wooden pram or fire truck for my children and would much prefer to buy wooden over plastic any day. I got talking to Mark who I soon found out was the owner and we discussed at length the fact that wooden toys just mean so much more than plastic and can often be passed down generations. Wooden toys have hit the market again as being in fashion and you can get them in a lot more places than when Ethan was little 9 years ago. I have to say though and this is truthful that the quality of these toys looked and felt amazing and they were heavy so you knew it was well made and wasn’t going to break with one accidental drop. I loved the peg dolls too with the yellow school bus, it reminded me very much of Ethan’s solid yellow school bus we got for him when he was little.

Ezra got GIFTED a Bernie The Bus and Friends book and we have looked reading it at bedtime as it is an easy read and flows well. It is also thick pages so can withstand a rough 9 year old and a dribbly 6 month old. The book we have is about him going on a safari and the images are colourful and eye catching and very well done.


The first thing that attracted me to the stand was the Huge Harry Potter Puzzle that was rotating on the wheel of The Castle, The Knight Bus and The Ford Anglia. It can be seen in my YouTube Video and it looked awesome I am not gonna lie about it. I haven’t seen any 3D puzzles in real life and I wanted to buy it and do it as it looked so good but my bank account wouldn’t of thanked me. CoiledSpring games have so much on their websites and it ranges from board games, puzzles to 3D puzzles and card games too. The ladies I spoke to on the stall were super friendly and understood my love of HP and I was a super lucky woman as they gave me a mini Ford Anglia puzzle to do and you can’t buy it in shops only at the show so I came away buzzing. You can see me building it in my Haul Video.

As much as it may seem that the only businesses I mentioned were the ones who gave me items, it isn’t the case. I didn’t expect to get any freebies or products from the Toy Fair, I purely went to make connections and see what it was all about. I had a great day and came away from it wiser than I was about the toy industry and with a lot of leaflets, business cards and video footage. If you are a blogger/vlogger/influencer/product reviewer, I would recommend trying to get tickets as it is lovely to spend the day with like minded people and as much as it is exhausting I would go again tomorrow If It was on.

I did a vlog style video of the day and it is available on YouTube now along with a freebie haul video. Please make sure you like, subscribe and comment if you do watch the videos as it helps get my videos seen.

All views are my own and do not reflect on the businesses mentioned, no money was paid for the businesses to feature in my article and the only exchange was them giving me products but at no point did they state it was for review, promotion or paid work. It was just them being nice.

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