Natalie is an amazing author and I was honoured to get her book – PR School in advance to read. It is honestly one of the best things I have read and reviewed during my time blogging. She is so honest with her books and she doesn’t pretend that it will be easy but she gives you the tools to make it easier to handle and understand.

The break down of each section via lessons made it easier to read and digest what I required from the book. The lesson format made it so I could pick it up and read the relevant sections when needed but that I could also highlight and make notes.

Personally Lesson 2,4 and 5 were my favourite sections that I found I got the most out of as they are most relevant to my field and my requirements but I have already re-read my copy three times and found new things each time I’ve read it. My copy is now dog eared and full of sticky notes and pencil markings and with a book like this it’s almost recommended. I am sure Natalie won’t be offended by me making notes in my copy of Pr School as it is just full of knowledge and jam packed full of information and I would say it is a must have for anyone who works within this sector.

This book wouldn’t look out of place within a business degree recommended reading list and I would highly suggest that if you haven’t heard of Natalie Trice before that you look into her previous work as a matter of urgency for 2020.

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