I have had the delight to work with Maple and Whisky Candles on a reviewing their candles and even though it’s been gifted to me this is an HONEST review. I picked three smells to remind of Walt Disney World from when I went back in 2011 with my son’s dad and his family. Looking through the photos it makes me want to go back so badly and I hoped the candles would help ease the Disney blues!

I picked Frozen Lemonade, Mickey Waffles and finally Main Street Popcorn as they just sounded like they would be amazing and not too overpowering.

At first I wondered how they could get such amazing and iconic smells into a candle but I had no reason to doubt them as they smelt AMAZING!! I could smell it before even opening the packet and everyone I work with was slightly jealous when I opened them and smelt them. They made the office smell lush.

Honestly if you love candles and want candles that actually smell of something then this is the way to go. They have an amazing ranges of candles and they have thought of every smell you could want from WDW.

They smell just as good when burning which I was surprised at as a lot of scented candles don’t smell as good when they are burning and often carry a slightly burnt tinge to them but I can 100% say these don’t.

If I could send you a smell sensation it would be these candles for when you are snuggled in a blanket watching a Disney film and just wishing you were wandering around WDW with a huge Mickey Waffle and a corn dog!

I cannot wait to order more from Maple and Whisky and to help you guys try them I have a 10% discount code for orders over £10 which is MEGAN10. This is available until 31st December 2018!!

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