SuperThings – Rivals of Kaboom Toy Review [ad]

Previously we reviewed SuperThings when they first hit the market and now we have been gifted the vehicles which do look awesome! Children love to collect toys and in my experience if it comes in a blind bag then my children are sold on it.

Ethan was super excited when these got delivered and he loves the PizzaCopter one the most out of the two. I have to admit that I am still very impressed that all the SuperThings packaging is now made from paper/cardboard with minimal plastic so it makes them better for the environmental impact when you end up buying lots of the blind bags.

If you didn’t know what they are then SuperThings are a series of collectables aimed at children aged 4+ created by Magic Box. They are brightly coloured rubbery toys that split into teams of superheroes and supervillains. The bonus is that the toys come with accessories such as hideouts, spy jets, sky racers, aero wagons and more. They have quickly become very popular and I even saw the blind bags in a euro machine out in Spain which surprised me.

The SuperThings characters are made from rubber which for me is better as I hate the hard toys when I am clearing up as usually I step on them or jab my finger nail with them when reaching into a box. Also they aren’t too hard if Ezra accidently falls on one unlike some of the other toys.

You can get these vehicles at Amazon and I have found the best prices for them here:

Turbo Ice**


When Ethan was explaining the SuperThings to me we found it good to watch the webisodes on their YouTube channel as there is plenty of them on there. You can watch or subscribe to the SuperThings YouTube channel by visiting

For more SuperThings, visit and don’t forget to check out the SuperThings YouTube channel and our YouTube Video too!

Ethan previously with Superthings

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