Among Us Toy Review [AD]

Ethan LOVES the game Among Us, and he was sooo excited when he was GIFTED a few goodies. He was lucky enough to receive 2 blind bags of Crewmate Figures and one for a Keyring, as well as some awesome Stampers and a Grey Plushie. He is the envy of his school friends right now with the keyring on his backpack!

What is Among Us ?

Among Us is a game of teamwork and betrayal based in a spaceship/space themed area which is played on most gaming consoles – Ethan favors the switch. The game is played online and it usually consists of around 4-15 players, this can be a mix of your friends and online unknown players. As you attempt to prep the spaceship for departure with mini tasks and games there is one major challenge and that is that 1 of your online friends will be trying to kill you all but without being spotted.

among us blind bags unboxing

The aim of the overall game is that the crewmates win by completing all tasks or by discovering who the imposter is and voting them off the ship before all of them get killed.

The imposter can sabotage the mini tasks which makes it easier for them to kill as it causes chaos for the other players. Optional characters like shapeshifter or scientist can be used if you think your a master of deception.

If a crewmate finds a body or presses a button in the middle of the map every living player is called into an “Emergency Meeting.” This is where your acting skills come into play, as everyone must vote on who’s an Imposter and should be ejected from the map. The player with the most votes will be ejected so vote wisely and strategically. It could be you next time so don’t make yourself a target.

In order to win the game successfully the whole team needs to eject all the Imposters (can be more than one), or by completing all their tasks whichever comes first.

HOWEVER The Imposters can win by killing crewmates or by sabotaging a critical component (think an oxygen tank or nuclear generator) that the Crewmates can’t fix fast enough. You don’t want the imposters to win so you need to work together as a team and be quick.

We love the game in our house, from the children to the adults we all enjoy having a go and trying to guess who is who. I personally love the merchandise too as it is cute (sometimes) and good value for money. The soft toys are currently a really good price in Smyths toy store if you are looking to stock up for Christmas. We love this Among US card game too so this will be added to the birthday present list.

What Did We get In Our Pack?

We have 1 of the BRAND NEW Series 2 Blind Keyring bags. In total there are 16 figures with individual looks just like in the game. The selection is completely random when you buy it, so you can always surprise yourself and if you collect the same Crewmate twice then they are brilliant to swap with friends.

These iconic Among Us pendants are up to 9.5 cm long and they look awesome on school bags, rucksacks, well to be honest anywhere! I am trying to steal Ethan’s bear keyring off him but don’t think he will give it up despite me trying!

Next we have 2 bags of the Crewmate Blind Bag Mini Figures and the same as the keyrings there are 6 different crewmates to collect. We love these as they have a wide variety and many feature funky hats or assortments on their head. There is 4 rare characters to hunt and find and Ethan was super excited when he thought he found one whilst unboxing them. These are quite small so not suitable for younger children but Ethan loves to create scenes with these and his cars as well as display them in his room.

Our cuddly toy is the grey one with the flower on its head but Ethan was desperate / is desperate to get the green one with the banana on his head because he thinks it is hilarious but I guess that’s the humour of a nearly 10 year old!

Ethan loves unboxing these and he loves the mystery of them but he doesn’t love the doubles quite as much. I have a feeling that these will be just as popular when it comes to Christmas and they would make an excellent stocking filler.

The Stampers

Ethan got the stampers within his package too and was very lucky to get one of the rare in the Red with the backwards baseball cap. The stampers are easy to open, use and stamp leaving a clear image and are perfect to sign an anonymous letter with if you wanted to be an imposter. I am only joking obviously but they are super cute and would look great decorating a notebook or when making a picture or a card. Much like the other sets there is 16 to collect with 4 rares and the half among us body is definitely my favourite and Ethan said the cheese head is his as it is orange (his number 1 colour).

the Among Us toy collection (10+) is out now and available from these retailers:

  • Smyths 
  • HMV
  • The Works
  • WHSmith
  • Game
  • Littlewoods

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