We have been gifted these amazing DIY ‘Fix It’ solutions that can be used to help fix a lot of different items. It was sold to me as “Don’t Bin it When You Can FIXITS” and I knew we should take a look at it.


If your favourite bag breaks, the board game has a missing piece, or your phone cable got eaten by your hamster then FixIts Sticks can fix all this and more! With them having no shelf life you can keep this handy little repair stick for ever.

FixIts are a heat activated, plastic stick that you dunk into hot water (above 60 degrees) and you can then mould it into anything you need. We have so far used it for charger leads that have been bent out of shape, and to fix the football goal that had been a bit abused and overused.


They are fully reusable which is brilliant as we are trying to be more eco conscious and stop throwing away as much as have been. All you need to do to reuse them is heat the plastic again and it will be ready to use.  It is a huge thumbs up for us as they are Easy to use, Eco-friendly and Compostable when you are finished with them. Honestly if you know anyone who needs these for their kitchen drawer then pop over to this link and they are available in either Orange, Black, White or Mixed and they are a pack of 3!

Bonus point: Postage is free for orders over £4.99!

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