Bobby and Bubba and Their Small Adventures [AD]

When we were first gifted this book I knew it would be funny and a perfect book for our bedtime stories. If you haven’t heard of Bobby and Bubba Coombs where have you been?! They are an adorable pair of British (not French) Bulldogs who are more famous in Chelsea than most of the footballers and I reckon they really love a selfie if you see them on the streets.

This book is full of mischief all of it involving Bobby and Bubba the British bulldog’s. I have to say I relate to Bubba a lot as he loves to sleep and that is my favourite past time.

Bobby is the mischievous one of the pair much like my eldest Ethan as he loves adventure and Bubba is a very affectionate dog who loves cuddles and reminds me of Ezra our youngest. Bobby and Bubba love to cuddle at night and they often do silly things like bark in their sleep or wet the bed which I am sure most children would find hilarious.

The children and I loved the illustrations as we thought they were brilliant and suited the stories.

The book is a collection of short stories which are perfect for that ‘one story before it’s time to sleep’ and not too long that the children are falling asleep mid story. Ethan said he loved it and thought it was funny and when asked what age group he thought it was for he said 8+ as there is quite a lot of writing for anyone younger.

I think these stories would work great as a stand alone book aimed at younger readers with slightly bigger text and bigger illustrations.

Bobby and Bubba’s Small Adventures by Antony Coombs and illustrated by Adam Share is available to buy now from Amazon in hardpack, paperback and on Kindle.

You can follow the Bobby and Bubba’s Small Adventures book tour on social media #BobbyBubbasSmallAdventures

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