The Ultimate Bride Guide [AD]

the bride guide

I got sent a brilliant Ultimate Bride Guide to review and you know what it has helped SO much! It is in the form of an excel worksheet and it has combined everything I needed to write down, keep track of, and to be honest more worksheets than I currently need as we haven’t got a wedding breakfast or a seating plan. It is honestly everything I would of put into a guide if I was to make one myself.

I was struggling in my paper version to fit in the guests details, the RSVP status and the little details like the diet requirements and plus ones. This guide has fixed those issues as it all goes in the editable excel worksheet that can be updated at any time quickly and easily.

I would recommend this to any upcoming couples who want to make the planning quick, easy and stress free. Honestly it is the tool to giving you the best wedding plan and support and it helps take you from overwhelmed to organised so that you can plan your special day with ease!

For a stress free wedding then I would recommend this planner 100%

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